Fall and Rise:
The new album is complete! I am proud to announce that the new cd, Fall and Rise, is now ready and available for purchase.

This site will very shortly undergo some maintenance to bring it in line with the new album and also have the facility to buy the cd via Paypal.

If you want to buy a copy now, drop by The Country Music Store. This link will take you direct to my cd. 

Or just drop me a line at I’ll get it sent out to you a.s.a.p.  Ask me about the appropriate price for your country’s currency. For example, the cost of the cd in Australian dollars will not be the same in € or £. There are also T-shirts for sale as well as the previous cd , ‘Lessons’. Combine them all for a value packed, very well priced, gift pack.

OK, I hope you enjoy the new album. Radio will have some songs real soon. Make sure you call and request. I need your help there 😉
Take care,

Help From NSR Australia

Help From NSR Australia

NSR Australia is a good place for people to come when their child has been asked to come to America to play a sport. Sports stars who come from Australia and New Zealand are coming to America because it is time for them to be sure that they can be seen. The American audience could help them become professionals, but they still need to graduate from school when they get to America. There are plenty of people who come to NSR Australia to get help, and they want to be sure that the family and the student know what they are getting into.

The family and the student will actually come together to show that they can make changes to the way that they would go to school.

Going to America is something that NSR Australia can help with, and they will share with the family how to get these kids to get help when they are studying and playing. The kids might need to have some kind of moral support, and then the kids will be able to overcome any problem that they have. They will have a chance to use NSR Australia information to apply to college, and they will learn how to get what they need without any problem.

Every kid who wants to be sure that they can go to America to play needs to be sure that they have talked to everyone who wants to be the help that they need.

They can ask for the counseling support they need, and they can help people to be sure that they can get their kids off to college to lead the life that they were meant to lead. The kids that come into to NSR Australia for help will be able to change their lives by playing ball in America.

Your Kitchen Look: Kitchen Remodelling

Your Kitchen Look: Kitchen Remodelling

Kitchens are the centerpiece for family conversations and interactions. They need to be functional and up to date. You don’t have to have a large budget in order to up date an outdated kitchen. Key pieces can help add flair to any kitchen remodelling at Kitchen Creation and give it the updated look.

The Basics

Cosmetic elements, such as painting, flooring, and cabinets, can help refresh the kitchen’s overall look. However, a fresh coat of paint will not help to cover up peeling, broken cabinets or old appliances.

Everyday Items Needing a New Look

The sink is where we wash dishes and foods. It can look old and dingy. Swapping out the sink for a new one can help brighten the look of any kitchen. Another inexpensive option is to dress up the old cabinets. Change the knobs or refresh the pain can help brighten the look.

Extras to help add flair

An island can be an inexpensive piece to help break up the flow of the kitchen. These pieces can be bought on consignment and sanded to look brand new. While an island may be too expensives, DIY baskets can add that extra pop of color needed to help accentuate a plain jane kitchen. DIY storage can help to add extra touches to your kitchen too. Update your cabinets with cool metallic storage to help give accent to the room.

Fixtures for lighting may not be a very expensive option and they certainly can change the look of the room. Lighting can help to brighten up a room and give it a new flair.

Boots Are Made For Women

Boots Are Made For Women
Womens leather boots can be a stylish fashion statement, but more than that, they are a wardrobe piece that is empowering to the woman who decides to wear them. This is because leather is a warm material and can be worn with virtually anything they may decide to pull on that day. Brand house direct Womens leather boots can be natural in color or dyed to suit individual desires, polished up to a shine, and it is both flexible enough to stretch to the shape of the foot and firm enough to be comfortable and protect against debris and other dangers one can encounter in a working environment. It also has an added bonus of being mildly fire resistant and not melting like nylon or rubber do.

Womens leather boots work as well in photo shoots as they do undertaking a hard bruising at your job.

Ranging from short enough to kiss the ankles, or high enough to climb over the knee and wrap around the thigh, women’s leather boots are not lacking in styles. They can be pulled on, often including various fasteners, such as buttons, buckles, and laces. Each of these bring a slight change to the design, making every pair of boots different. Zippers are appear quite often in lady’s fashion, easily hidden but still providing the security of a whole closed boot.

Embroidery and leather press tools can also change a solid piece of material into a masterpiece showcasing virtually anything for womens leather boots, from geometric shapes to flowers, looping endless spirals or monograms to provide even further personalized. Of course, that is hardly required. Plain boots can be stylish on their own merits, simply by being worn.

Why You Need Caterpillar Safety Boots

Why You Need Caterpillar Safety Boots

When it comes to being safe on the job, it’s all about having good quality Caterpillar Safety Boots. When you’re wearing a good safety boot on the job, it will make your life a lot easier and help you to also be following the guidelines that are often set by your employer. When working in a relatively dangerous job, you need Caterpillar Safety Boots to keep you safe. These boots are specially designed to help you be safer while on the job. They are designed to make it easier for you to work without the issues revolving around having an accident while on the job.

The great thing about Caterpillar Work Boots with Brand House Direct is that they conform to many of the safety guidelines that are set by employers. This is why Caterpillar Safety Boots have steel toes on each of their shoe types and varieties, allowing you to feel safe even if you happen to drop something right onto your foot. You will also find that these boots are completely slip resistant and waterproof, making them ideal for those who work in these types of industries that have water or may cause you to slip and have an accident. Many people are choosing these types of boots for their own needs and benefits before going on the job.

When you are using Caterpillar Safety Boots, you will know that you are safe on the job at virtually any time. No matter where you happen to be working, it is vital that you have a good pair of shoes to get you through the day without worries. Also, your employer might require a good pair of shoes to be worn throughout the day when you’re in the workplace. If you do not have these types of shoes, you could be involved in an accident and have problems, and this is why it is a good idea to look into this brand of work boots to make your life a whole lot easier on the job.